Kopano Connect Sign-In

Integrating Kopano Connect Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).

Kopano Konnect Sign-In

Using this module, users can directly log in or register with their Kopano credentials at this HumHub installation.

A new button "Kopano" will appear on the login page.


Please check the Kopano instructions for detailed instructions on registering HumHub as a client with the Kopano OpenID Connect provider.

The following bit needs to be added to the Konnect identifier registration for HumHub:

- id: Humhub # your client id in Humhub
  name: Humhub # display name within Konnect
  secret: 12345 # your client secret in Humhub
  trusted: false # set this to true to suppress the consent screen for the user
  application_type: web
  insecure: false

Once you have the Client ID and Client Secret created there, the values must then be entered in the module configuration at: Administration -> Modules -> Konnect Auth -> Settings. This page also displays the Authorized redirect URI, which must be inserted in Konnect identifier registration in the corresponding field.


Latest version:
1.0.1 (released 2 years ago)

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