Free 64x64


Create and edit pages with this powerful tool. Build a collaborative knowledge base, view and share information with your colleagues.
€ 149 64x64

Theme Builder

The Theme Builder allows you to create own themes directly in your browser.
Free 64x64

Custom Pages

Create custom pages and widgets and share them with your users. Take advantage of a wide range of editing options, including HTML and Markdown.
PRO 64x64

Enterprise Theme

Premium theme designed for professional users and larger organizations that enables you to organize spaces by category.
PRO 64x64


Integrate your existing Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution using the SAML protocol and provide your users with a convenient way to log in.
Free 64x64

Birthday Widget

Adds a widget to the dashbaord showing upcoming birthdays.
Free 64x64


Create one-time or recurring events, invite and manage attendees, and keep track of all your events with the Calendar module.
Free 64x64


Easily create polls, streamline decision-making, and harness the power of voting.
Free 64x64


A private messaging system for direct communication.
€ 129 64x64


“Meetings” is a complete meeting manager, which enables you to easily create meetings, define agendas, invite participants, minute the results and...
Free 64x64


Single Sign On using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
Free 64x64

ONLYOFFICE Connector for HumHub

ONLYOFFICE connector for HumHub allows you to edit and co-author office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within HumHub using ONLYOFFICE...
Free 64x64

Most Active Users

Adds a widget to the dashboard showing the most active users
Free 64x64

Humhub Updater

Upgrade your HumHub installation to the latest version in a few clicks.
€ 99 64x64

Mass User Import

Imports User from a CSV file.
Free 64x64


Streamline file management across your network and enhance efficiency.
Free 64x64

Legal Tools

Adds several editable legal options, like an imprint and a privacy policy.
Free 64x64


Elevate your knowledge sharing experience by enabling users to ask questions and upvote the most helpful answers.
Free 64x64

Report Content

Add a profanity filter to your network and enable your users to report undesired content.
€ 9 64x64


The Link Preview Widget enable users to share links in posts and comments with rich previews attached. Users can select thumbnails, edit title and...
Free 64x64

Etherpad Notes

Integrates the common Etherpad online editor in spaces.
Free 64x64


Intuitive task management tool with many basic and advanced features.
Free 64x64

Link List

Adds a link list to spaces or user profiles.
Free 64x64


Adds galleries to Spaces and profiles.
Free 64x64


Integrate Freshdesk widget into your HumHub instance.
Free 64x64


Add your Ko-fi button to your HumHub installation.
Free 64x64


Allows you to add and use HTML snippets on your Dashboard sidebar.
PRO 64x64

Advanced LDAP

Provides advanced LDAP functions like LDAP group/space mapping.
Free 64x64

Push Notifications (Firebase)

Enables your users to receive push notifications from your network.
Free 64x64


Provides a RESTful API to the HumHub installation
Free 64x64

External Calendar

Extends the Calendar-Module to show external Calendars with iCal
Free 64x64

Jitsi Meet

Adds free, secure, flexible, open-source video conferencing.
Free 64x64 Games

This module provides a simple widget that is used to display your game.
Free 64x64

Gamejolt Widget

Adds your Gamejolt game widget to HumHub`s sidebar.
€ 19 64x64

Scroll Up

Allows you to scroll up in one action!
€ 90 64x64

Show selected content

Create a periodic email summary sorted by spaces and/or a dashboard widget from content selected by authorized users.
€ 90 64x64

Mass Notification

Send notifications to all users of one or more spaces about a publication. Emails can be sent via Brevo API, as a campaign.
€ 90 64x64


Create forms with several types of fields and many options. Possibility to export answers or see them on a map.
Free 64x64

Spotify Album

Add your Spotify playlist to your HumHub dashboard.
Free 64x64

New Members Widget

Adds a widget with the most recent members of the network to the Dashboard, allowing your userbase to warmly welcome the new ones.
Free 64x64

Group Membership

Adds the possibility for certain groups to allow users to become member themselves.
Free 64x64

Kopano Connect Sign-In

Integrating Kopano Connect Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
Free 64x64

Google Sign-In

Integrating Google Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
Free 64x64

Facebook Sign-In

Integrating Facebook Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
€ 29 64x64

Discord Integrations

Discord integrations such as OAuth Login and widget display.
Free 64x64

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Increase security by using 2FA methods like e-mail or TOPT.
€ 48 64x64

Discussion Boards

User discussion forums.
€ 45 64x64


Synchronizes memberships, donors or crowdfunders with Humhub's users
Free 64x64

Content bookmarks

Allows users to bookmark content and access it from their profile.
€ 45 64x64

Advanced Survey

Advanced features for the Survey module
PRO 64x64


Create news articles with HumHub's integrated WYSIWYG editor and request read receipts from your users.
Free 64x64

User Location Map

Show all users on a map.
Request Offer 64x64

HumHub DAV Access

Make all your data available for mobile devices and other interfaces.
Free 64x64

Cron Daemon

Executes cron jobs from an external cron service via a URL
€ 45 64x64

User Cleanup

Specify the settings for the handling of inactive user accounts. You have a variety of options for automatically informing, deactivating and deleting...
Free 64x64

Twitter Sign-In

Integrating Twitter Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
Free 64x64

GitHub Sign-In

Integrating GitHub Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
Free 64x64

Keycloak Sign-In

Integrating Keycloak Sign-In (OpenID Connect)
€ 90 64x64

Members Map

Displays users on a map - filter by spaces, groups or profile fields.
Free 64x64

Mastodon Sign-In

Integrating Mastodon Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
Free 64x64

Clean Theme

Clean theme based on the community HumHub theme
Free 64x64

Social Stats

This module provides general statistics on overall activity, with charts of hourly and daily activity (This is only available to...
Free 64x64

Move content and users

Transfer Content, Comments and Likes from one User or Space to another, and Users from one Group or Space to another.
€ 45 64x64

Web Feed

Create posts from external RSS/Atom web feed items.
€ 45 64x64

Name Parser

Normalizes the users first and last name and/or reformats the username.
€ 360 64x64


Sell access to the platform, spaces, groups, events, hidden messages, or physical products.
€ 45 64x64


Statistics about Humhub usage (globally, in spaces and about users).
€ 33 64x64


Verified Accounts/Spaces.
Free 64x64

LinkedIn Sign-In

Integrating LinkedIn Sign-In (OAuth 2.0).
Free 64x64

Share content

Share content between Spaces in the simplest way possible.
Free 64x64

Dark Mode

Adds a Dark Mode to HumHub
€ 45 64x64


Allows users to react to content or comments with emojis
€ 60 64x64

Events Map

Displays events of the calendar module on a map
Request Offer 64x64

User automation Module

Customised module to automate certain user settings. The module is currently intended to deactivate deceased users instead of deleting them.
€ 145 64x64


Create and manage FAQs.
Free 64x64

Authelia Sign-In

Integrating Authelia Sign-In (OpenID Connect)
€ 90 64x64

Classified Spaces

Classify Spaces in Categories.
€ 90 64x64

Groups associated with Space Categories

User Groups can be associated with Space Categories to sync and restrict Space membership.
€ 45 64x64


Create custom homepages for registered users, guests, and for members of specific groups
€ 30 64x64

Image Crop

Allows cropping images attached to a content or comments.
Free 64x64

Menu Manager

Change top menu items and add a "Home" item.
€ 90 64x64

Advanced Profile

Advanced user profile features.
€ 50 64x64


Optimize your HumHub instance for search engines. Add Meta descriptions, customize page titles and automatically generate sitemaps.
Free 64x64

Virus Scanner

Safeguard your community from malware and malicious threats, ensuring its safety and security.
Free 64x64

Online users

The module displays online users directly on your dashboard in a snippet.
PRO 64x64

Advanced Search

Connect external data sources via REST API to centralize search within your network.
Free 64x64

Virtual Card Popover

Shows a virtual business card displaying brief information about the user when hovering over a user's profile picture or name
Free 64x64 - Diagrams

Create diagrams the easy way imaginable
PRO 64x64

E-Mail Whitelist

The email whitelist module allows you to specify email rules for users who don't need to be approved after registration.
PRO 64x64

Apache SOLR

Integration of Apache Solr search platform
€ 299 64x64


Automatic translations of posts and comments in other languages.
Free 64x64

Social Share

Share Post on other Social Networks
Free 64x64

Auto Follow

Define an automatic following for new or existing users.
PRO 64x64


Removes the 'Powered By HumHub' links from the footer navigation and emails.
Free 64x64


This module adds the ability to display a single game widget from your Steam game developer account.
Free 64x64


Adds Google AdSense Functionality.
Free 64x64

Breaking News

Shows a breaking news layer on dashboard.
PRO 64x64

Translation Manager

Easily modify and control used translation messages and languages.
Free 64x64

SMS Gateway

Allows sms sending on user profiles.
Free 64x64

Terms Box

Forces users to accept/decline the terms and conditions of your site.
Free 64x64


Creates a Weather widget on your Dashboard.