External Calendar

Extends the Calendar-Module to show external Calendars with iCal

Calendar extension for integration of external calendars with iCalendar-format.

This module supports importing, synchronization and exporting of iCalendar calendar feeds.

Depending on the export service you use for your ICAL import, you may notice different results due to differences in the used iCal format. In case you experience any unexpected results, please let us know on github.

Note: The export feature will be available without the need of a space level installation. In order to use the import of external calendar, this module has to be installed on a space level.

Be careful! Some calendars are not intended for permanent synchronization. These do not send a "last_modified" timestamp. Please do not select the option auto sync hourly for these. It could slow down your system.

This module was forked from David Born.


Latest version:
1.4.1 (released a month ago)

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