Create news articles with HumHub's integrated WYSIWYG editor and request read receipts from your users.

The News module provides an easy way to instantly share important information from your company or organisation. Relying on the built-in, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use WYSIWYM editor the module offers a wide range of possibilities to format and style your article. Once created, you can share the information via HumHub’s integrated notification system and if desired via email. To ensure that the important bit of information reaches your users, you can simply request a read receipt. In that case the post will remain at the top of the dashboard until the reader confirms it.


  • Easily create news with the built-in easy-to-use WYSIWYM editor
  • Bring the news to the attention of your users with HumHub's integrated notification system. If this is not enough, trigger an instant notification via email
  • Ensure that the information is received, by requesting a read confirmation. Unread articles will be pinned to the user's stream until confirmed
  • Send reminders to those who miss to read the article

This module is part of the
Professional Edition.

Latest version:
1.0.4 (released 7 months ago)

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