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Mass Notification

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Send notifications to all users of one or more spaces about a publication. Emails can be sent via Brevo API, as a campaign.

Send notifications to all users of one or more spaces about a content.

Emails can be sent via Brevo API, as an email campaign.


  • In a space, send notifications about a content to all the members of the space
  • Possibility to:
    • choose if the notification is a web and/or email notification
    • notify members of other spaces
    • filter users to be notified by profile field and group membership
  • Automatically send a notification (disabled by default):
    • using the @all tag in a content's text (requires Humhub 1.12+)
    • for each new content of a space
  • Notifications history
  • Email notifications: email delivery statistics page (only if emails are sent with Brevo)
  • Space settings:
    • choose which role can send mass notifications (in the permissions)
    • customization of the texts sent in the notifications
    • automatic notifications

For large communities

If you have many members (1000 or more), it is recommended sending the emails via Brevo (ex SendInBlue).

In that case, you will need to create an account on Brevo and configure the module with the Brevo API key.

Warning: when using Brevo, email notifications are all sent in the same language (that of the sender) because they are sent via a campaign and not transactional emails.


  • €90 including one-year of updates and support
  • €45 each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

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Module Information

90 €
Latest version release:
1.6.5 - May 17, 2024
HumHub 1.12 - Latest