Mass Notification

Send notifications to all users of one or more spaces about a publication. Emails can be sent via SendInBlue API, as a campaing.

Send notifications to all users of one or more spaces about a content.


  • In a space, send notifications about a content to all the members of the space
  • Possibility to:
    • choose if the notification is a web and/or email notification
    • notify members of others spaces
    • filter users to be notified by profile field and group membership
  • Automatically send a notification (disabled by default):
    • using the @all tag in a content's text (requires Humhub 1.12+)
    • for each new contents of a space
  • Notifications history
  • Email notifications : email delivery statistics page (only if emails are sent with SendInBlue)
  • Space settings:
    • choose which role can send mass notifications (in the permissions)
    • customization of the texts sent in the notifications
    • automatic notifications

For large communities

If you have many members (1000 or more), it is strongly recommended sending the emails via SendInBlue.

In that case, you will need to:

  • create an account on SendInBlue and configure the module with the SendInBlue API key.
  • Enabled PHP cURL extension on the server.

Warning: when using SendInBlue, email notifications are all sent in the same language (that of the sender) because they are sent via a campaign and not transactional emails.


  • 90 € including one-year updates and support
  • 45 € each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

You can purchase your license key on the CUZY.APP online store.


  • Go to Administration -> Settings -> Mass notifications


If emails are sent via SendInBlue, PHP must have curl extension.

Buy now

90 €

Latest version:
1.5.4 (released a month ago)




HumHub 1.11 - Latest