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Amazing modules to extend the possibilities of Humhub! Modules are developed in France since 2017 and translated in all languages.

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Create a periodic email summary sorted by spaces and/or a dashboard widget from content selected by authorized users.
€ 90 64x64

Mass Notification

Send notifications to all users of one or more spaces about a publication. Emails can be sent via Brevo API, as a campaign.
€ 90 64x64


Create forms with several types of fields and many options. Possibility to export answers or see them on a map.
Free 64x64

Group Membership

Adds the possibility for certain groups to allow users to become member themselves.
€ 45 64x64


Synchronizes memberships, donors or crowdfunders with Humhub's users
€ 45 64x64

Advanced Survey

Advanced features for the Survey module
Free 64x64

Cron Daemon

Executes cron jobs from an external cron service via a URL
€ 45 64x64

User Cleanup

Specify the settings for the handling of inactive user accounts. You have a variety of options for automatically informing, deactivating and deleting...
Free 64x64

Keycloak Sign-In

Integrating Keycloak Sign-In (OpenID Connect)
€ 90 64x64

Members Map

Displays users on a map - filter by spaces, groups or profile fields.
Free 64x64

Clean Theme

Clean theme for Humhub based on the Community theme
Free 64x64

Move content and users

Transfer Content, Comments and Likes from one User or Space to another, and Users from one Group or Space to another.
€ 45 64x64

Web Feed

Create posts from external RSS/Atom web feed items.
€ 45 64x64

Name Parser

Normalizes the users first and last name and/or reformats the username.
€ 360 64x64


Sell access to the platform, spaces, groups, events, hidden messages, or physical products.
€ 45 64x64


Statistics about Humhub usage (globally, in spaces and about users).
€ 45 64x64


Allows users to react to content or comments with emojis
€ 60 64x64

Events Map

Displays events of the calendar module on a map
€ 90 64x64

Classified Spaces

Classify Spaces in Categories.
€ 90 64x64

Groups associated with Space Categories

User Groups can be associated with Space Categories to sync and restrict Space membership.
€ 45 64x64


Create custom homepages for registered users, guests, and for members of specific groups
€ 30 64x64

Image Crop

Allows cropping images attached to a content or comments.
Free 64x64

Menu Manager

Change top menu items and add a "Home" item.
€ 90 64x64

Advanced Profile

Advanced user profile features.
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