Create forms with several types of fields and many options. Possibility to export answers or see them on a map.

Create forms with several types of fields and many options.

See answers as a list, grid or on a map. Filter them or export them in CSV or XLSX.


  • Create surveys in spaces or globally for all users
  • Available field types : text field, text area, date, number, radio, checkbox, select, star rating, map localization, files, header and paragraph.
  • Unlimited fields for each survey.
  • Customize the translations of each survey individually.
  • CRUD settings in permissions.
  • Managers can see users who have not answered and send them a notification (web & email).
  • Options possible for each survey:
    • State (closed | open | completed)
    • Show survey link in the menu
    • Answers visibility (Everyone | Everyone when survey completed | Managers | Survey creator)
    • Confidentiality: display the authors of the answers (Everyone | Managers | Survey creator | Anyone (anonymous survey))
    • Maximum number of answers possible
    • The user can edit his answers
    • Restrict access to users' groups (if the survey is global)
  • See answers as a list, grid, map or summary with charts.
  • Filter or export them in CSV or XLSX.
  • Save an answer or clone an existing one as a draft, for later publication
  • Auto-save answer as a draft, as the form is answered
  • Possibility to allow guests (visitors) to answer a survey (in the Security settings of the space). A secure link allows them to retrieve their answers later.
  • Get the link of an answers' view to show it in a full page (you can create a menu entry with the Custom Pages module)
  • REST API endpoints (GET only). See documentation.

More features with the Advanced Survey module.


  • 90 € including one-year updates and support
  • 45 € each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

You can purchase your license key on the CUZY.APP online store.


  • Go to Administration -> Settings -> Surveys


The design and development of this module for version 1.0 were financed by SEVE (a French association).

The enhancements of the version 2.0 were financed by ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) with the support of the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and the Banque des Territoires (France).

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Latest version:
2.8.3 (released a month ago)




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