Create forms with several types of fields and many options. Possibility to export answers or see them on a map.

Create forms with several types of fields and many options.

See answers as a list, grid or on a map. Filter them or export them in CSV or XLSX.


  • Create surveys in spaces or globally for all users
  • Available field types : text field, text area, date, number, radio, checkbox, select, star rating, map localization, files, header and paragraph.
  • Unlimited fields for each survey.
  • Customize the translations of each survey individually.
  • CRUD settings in permissions.
  • Managers can see users who have not answered and send them a notification (web & email).
  • Options possible for each survey:
    • State (closed | open | completed)
    • Show survey link in the menu
    • Answers visibility (Everyone | Everyone when survey completed | Managers | Survey creator)
    • Confidentiality: display the authors of the answers (Everyone | Managers | Survey creator | Anyone (anonymous survey))
    • Maximum number of answers possible
    • The user can edit his answers
    • Restrict access to users' groups (if the survey is global)
  • See answers as a list, grid, map or summary with charts.
  • Filter or export them in CSV or XLSX.
  • Save an answer or clone an existing one as a draft, for later publication
  • Auto-save answer as a draft, as the form is answered
  • Possibility to allow guests (visitors) to answer a survey (in the Security settings of the space). A secure link allows them to retrieve their answers later.
  • Get the link of an answers' view to show it in a full page (you can create a menu entry with the Custom Pages module)
  • REST API endpoints (GET only). See documentation.

More features with the Advanced Survey module.


  • 90 € including one-year updates and support
  • 45 € each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

You can purchase your license key on the CUZY.APP online store.


The design and development of this module for version 1.0 were financed by SEVE (a French association).

The enhancements of the version 2.0 were financed by ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) with the support of the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and the Banque des Territoires (France).

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2.8.6 (released 22 days ago)




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