Automatic translations of posts and comments in other languages.

The Humhub Translation Module is the ultimate way to connect users from different countries speaking different languages. Take your HumHub site international with the hassle-free Translation Module, and translate any post to any language - by the click of a button. Take your international organisation or portal site to the next level with our New Translation Module!

Use the Translator module to translate both posts and comments. With the help of this module, users will be able to translate posts and comments in other languages to their mother tongue. Easy and instantly.

How does it work?

Install the module, and choose between Google Translate or DeepL translation services for your Humhub. After installing the module, you will find a new „Translate“ option below each post or comment. After clicking on the Translate button, the translation will be displayed below the post or comment.


  • Automatic translation using DeepL or Google Translate
  • Hassle free translation by clicking a button
  • Select translation to any supported languages
  • Connect multiple language users

Buy now

299 €

Latest version:
1.2.0 (released a month ago)

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