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Create posts from external RSS/Atom web feed items.

Create posts from external RSS/Atom web feed items.


  • Automatically retrieves web feeds from external sites daily or hourly (can be changed in the module configuration).
  • For each new item in the feed, a post is created in a Humhub space or user profile.
  • The main image of the item webpage (based on OpenGraph tag) is retrieved to and attached to the Humhub post.
  • These posts are displayed in the main stream and in a configurable menu entry


Not all feeds can be retrieved completely.

For some RSS or Atom feeds, the description or the image can be missing.

You can try here your feed before purchase.


  1. After installing and enabling the module globally, enable the module in a space or a user account.
  2. In the module settings, add, modify or delete one or more feeds from an external websites.
  3. For each feed, an element is added to the space or user profile menu (optional).
  4. If a proxy is configured in Humhub settings, it will be used to retrieve the feeds.


  • In a space, the creator and owner of the post is the space owner.
  • If an external item is edited or deleted, the post remains as it was when it was copied.


PHP must have:


  • €45 including one-year of updates and support
  • €25 each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

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Module Information

45 €
Latest version release:
1.3.3 - April 5, 2024
HumHub 1.16 - Latest