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Displays users on a map - filter by spaces, groups or profile fields.

Displays users on a map - filter by spaces, groups or profile fields.


  • Users are displayed as clickable points on an OpenStreetMap layer (possibility to choose the layer from this list).
  • Optimized for large communities (up to 100 000 users) (1)
  • GDPR Compliant (the location is approximate, except for administrators)
  • 2 possibilities to have users coordinates:
    • Users can manually locate themselves on a map in their account settings
    • They can also be auto-located with a Google Geocoding API (from their profile address)
  • Filter users by spaces, groups or profile fields, directly on the map.
  • Possibility to show only users who are members of at least one group of the current user's groups
  • Choose the profile fields
  • Possibility to add a button in the space's sidebar to display members on a map.
  • Possibility to add a button in the user's profile sidebar to display it on a map.
  • A widget allows you to create a button anywhere in your custom theme to display a map with filtered and unfiltered users.

(1) Users locations are geocoded by cron jobs and saved in the database, immediately after user creation or profile change. The map uses cluster (to group users) and progressive loading technologies if they are to many.


  • €90 including one-year of updates and support
  • €45 each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

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Support, questions & feature requests

Requirements if geocoding with Google API

If you want to geocode users coordinates from their address (in their profile), you need a Google Geocoding API Key and a paid account, but you won't be charged if you have less than about 40,000 users (you can check the current cost for Geocoding, in the "Places" tab, knowing that you have $200 of usage every month for no charge, and that only when the module is activated all users will be geocoded).

Only addresses are sent to Google to obtain their coordinates, no other personal information, so Google cannot know who the addresses sent correspond to.

Users are displayed in the center of their city or zip code if "street" profile field visibility is unchecked (in the settings), except for administrators; if it is checked, the localization is accurate.

This module finds coordinates from the profile address. The "country" field is therefore mandatory, as well as at least the "zip" or "city" field. If the former users did not choose their country, and they all live in the same country, you can define a default country for them by opening this link as administrator (replace and CODE):

PHP must have curl extension.

Module Information

90 €
Latest version release:
2.4.3 - May 24, 2024
HumHub 1.13 - Latest