Advanced Survey

Advanced features for the Survey module

Advanced features for the Survey module.

Requires the Survey module to be installed and activated.


All these features are optional. You can enable each features in the settings:

  • Shortcodes: Shortcodes allow you to display the answers of a survey in any text (post, custom page, wiki, etc.) in a frame containing a list, grid, map or summary view of the answers.
  • Dynamic filling of fields: When a user answers a survey, the fields can be pre-filled with the current date, a profile field or a value passed as a parameter in the URL
  • Show the « Like » link on answers
  • Templates: create a survey from an existing one or from a file (as templates can be exported to a JSON file)
  • Moderation of the answers' states: available answer states: pending, refused, visible or archived
  • Notifications (web & email):
    • For each new answer (to answer creator, space members, moderators or survey\'s owner)
    • If a survey is open since a long time
  • To all users that have answered to a survey :
    • Send a notification (web & email)
    • Invite to another space
  • Users can access their individual answers from their own profile (adds an entry in the profile's menu)
  • Sub surveys: auto create a survey for each answer from a template (header is created from the answer's values and fields from the template)
  • Choose if users can delete their own answers or change the state to "completed"
  • CSS & JS: Possibility to add custom CSS or Javascript to a specific survey, for instance to hide some fields, add a red border, etc. JS is for system administrators only.

View use cases and more screenshots here.


  • 45 € including one-year updates and support
  • 25 € each year for updates and support
  • Possible discount for non-profit organizations or countries with a very low median income

You can purchase your license key on the CUZY.APP online store.


  • Go to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced Surveys


The design and development of this module for version 1.0 were financed by ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) with the support of the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and the Banque des Territoires (France).

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