Custom Pages

Allows admins to create custom pages (html or markdown) or external links to various navigations (e.g. top navigation, account menu).

The custom pages modules allows the creation of customized pages and snippets (sidebar elements) as well as on space and on global level.

Depending on content type and target the following content types are available:

  • MarkDown (HumHub Markdown Richtext based page)
  • Link (External link)
  • Iframe
  • Template
  • Html (Only available for global pages for security reasons)
  • PHP (requires further activation under Administration -> Custom Pages -> Settings)

By default the module supports the following targets for global pages:

  • Top Navigation
  • User Account Menu (Account Settings)
  • No Specific target (Direct link)

and global Snippets:

  • Dashboard

On space level the following page targets are supported by default:

  • Space Navigation

and snippets:

  • Stream Sidebar

Latest version:
1.9.3 (released 3 months ago)

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